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Australian Parent Visa

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  • Reason for Australian Parent Visa Subclass 103

    An Australian parent visa is one that’s meant to allow parents to live in Australia if their child is eligible to live in the country.  We understand that it’s extremely difficult for a parent to be separated from their children, so we recommend seeking the professional advice and assistance of The Migration Place.  We can explain your options to you, help you through the application process, and do our best to have you close to your son or daughter in the shortest amount of time.

    Australian Parent Visa Processing Time

    Unfortunately, it’s possible that the Australian parent visa processing time could be up to 30 years before this visa is granted.  For this reason, it’s highly recommended that you speak to an immigration lawyer for assistance while applying because prior experience can help speed up the process by following the most successful pathways and don’t needlessly waste any time.  Additionally, it’s possible that you could qualify for a different visa, and it may be faster and easier to obtain.

    Benefits of an Australian Parent Visa

    An Australian parent visa will grant permanent status to the holder, so it will allow them to indefinitely remain in Australia.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t grant Australian citizenship, but it is one of many steps that can lead to this, and holders are eligible after meeting all of the other requirements.  Also, the holder will be allowed to study, work, and enrol in the national Medicare system.  It even gives the holder the ability to sponsor other relatives who wish to immigrate to Australia.  Finally, it allows for unlimited travel in and out of Australia for five years.  After this time period has ended, the Australian parent visa holder is required to obtain a different status for continued international travel.

    Requirements for an Australian Parent Visa

    Obviously, a requirement to obtain an Australian parent visa is to be a parent of a child.  Furthermore, the child must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.  The applicant must have a sponsor, and it can’t be the child if they are under 18.  This sponsor must be settled in Australia, and they have to be over the age of 18.  For example, it could be a spouse of your child, their relative or guardian, a relative or guardian of the child’s spouse, or a community organization.

    The applicant for an Australian parent visa subclass 103 must also meet standard visa requirements such as those regarding health and security, and they must not already have a visa with a “No further stay” condition attached to it.  Finally, they must meet the balance-of-family test.

    Balance-of-Family Test

    This balance-of-family test is designed to determine the ties of the applicant to Australia, and one of two requirements must be met.  First, at least half of the children of the applicant must permanently live in Australia.  For example, if you have three children, at least two of them must permanently reside in Australia.  The second requirement is that more of your children must be permanent residents of Australia than any other country.  For example, if you have five children in multiple different countries, at least two must live in Australia with no more than one in each of the others.  It is also worth noting that if you don’t know where your children are currently living, the assumption is made that they are residing in the last known country.

    Other Family Members

    When applying for an Australian parent visa subclass 103, it’s possible to also include your spouse or partner and any other dependent children or dependent relatives.  Of course, any other applicants will have to meet certain requirements, especially those relating to health and safety issues.  Additionally, it’s easiest to include these family members in the initial application, so this is something that should be planned for from the start.

    Visa Denial

    If your application for an Australian parent visa is denied, the governmental authorities will inform you of your rights to appeal and any time deadlines connected to this.  The time limits are strictly enforced, so you have to act quickly if you’re hoping to overturn the decision.  Also, if you haven’t yet received assistance with your application, this is the time to do it because you probably won’t have a second chance to appeal.

    Awards Won

    • Finance Monthly – Law Awards 2017: Migration Law Firm of the Year – Australia
    • Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2016: Migration Lawyer of the Year
    • AI M&A Award 2015: Most Innovative Migration Firm Australia

    For all matters concerning Australian parent visa applications, speak to the team at The Migration Place today.