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DIAC is increasing its fees

DIAC is increasing its fees (yet again) for a number of visa subclasses: The increases will be between 5% and 15%, and will take effect… Read More

DIAC to share databases with the ATO to ensure temporary visa holders pay all Australian tax.

If you have not fully complied with paying all Australian tax due, then your visa application could be rejected. If your tax is queried, then… Read More

Subclass 457 Sponsorship Accreditation

DIAC will introduce a Sponsorship Accreditation system to approve Employers for Accredited Sponsor status for priority processing for Subclass 457 visa nominations and visa applications. Read More

457 work visas now available for up to 6 years

The Gillard Government has announced a new accreditation scheme for the 457 work visa program which will allow businesses to gain access to priority processing… Read More

Work and Holiday visas are now available to citizens of three additional countries, being Iran Argentina & Papua New Guinea.

The list of eligible countries is now Belgium; France; Japan; Sweden; Canada; Germany; Korea (Republic of) ; Taiwan; Denmark; Hong Kong; Malta; United Kingdom; Estonia;… Read More

Australian companies are sponsoring more Irish people than a year ago.

New immigration figures to April show 4,500 grants of 457 visas to Irish citizens in the past ten months. The four-year 457s are… Read More

The Health Test & The skilled health waiver

For some time now, we have had files referred to us where a visa has been rejected for health reasons. This means that the Commonwealth… Read More

Ben Southall

What is the Skill Matching Database?

The Skill Matching Database helps match employers and skilled people who wish to work in Australian areas with skill shortages. The database contains the… Read More

I am an employer, how do I find skilled workers?

Employers can use the Skill Matching Database to find skilled migrants who wish to work in Australian areas… Read More