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  • Australian Talent Visa Overview

    Overall, there are many different ways to obtain a visa to move to Australia.  But, with all the requirements they have, it can be hard to qualify for them.  However, if you have a strong skill that can be internationally recognized, it’s quite possible that you could qualify for an Australian talent visa.

    If you have any questions about the visa process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our immigration experts at The Migration Place.  We’ve helped an enormous amount of people realize their dream of moving to Australia, and we can surely assist you.  We can look at your specific situation, and we will be able to see if you qualify for any type of Australian talent visa.

    Australian Distinguished Talent Visa

    This visa is for someone who can prove that they have a particular and necessary type of skill.  Basically, there are four main categories which can qualify someone.  They are for having professional skills (in a specific profession), being an athlete, working as an artist, or working in the academic field (including being a researcher).  However, you must be very accomplished in these forms and be able to prove that, otherwise you won’t qualify for an Australian distinguished talent visa.

    This visa offers permanent residency status to the holder.  However, since it is designed to bring foreign talent to Australia, the application must be made from outside of Australia, and the applicant cannot already live in the country.

    Benefits of an Australian Distinguished Talent Visa

    There are many benefits offered to the holder of the subclass 124 visa.  For example, as it is permanent, it allows the holder to stay in Australian indefinitely. Also, it gives the holder the right to work and study while in the country, and it’s possible to sponsor other relatives to allow them to immigrate to Australia.  Additionally, it allows for four years of international travel, but once this time limit has passed, the holder must update their visa status.

    Skilled Worker Types

    There are many open jobs for skilled workers in Australia.  Also, they aren’t limited to office workers, but sometimes it can be possible to get an Australian bricklayer visa or an Australian carpenter visa.  However, the government constantly updates the official lists as to what qualifies, and they base these decisions on the needs of the market.  So even if your profession isn’t needed right now, it might become necessary in the future.

    Australian Engineer Visa Types

    Whether you are searching for something specific like an Australian civil engineer visa, or if you’re just interested in an Australian engineer visa, there are usually options available.  Highly specific skills such as this are much easier to qualify for.

    Australian Sports Visa

    If you are an extremely talented athlete, it could be possible to get an Australian sports visa.  This is one of the main categories specified in the Australian distinguished talent visa, so the process for obtaining this is relatively straightforward.

    Australian Chef Visa

    While getting an Australian cooks visa may not be the easiest, it is possible to get an Australian chef visa.  Remember, you must be able to prove that you are at a high level in your industry, and that you will be a benefit to Australian society as a whole.

    Australian Talent Visa Application Requirements

    There are a few main requirements that must be met before being able to obtain an Australian talent visa.  First, you must have record of strong international achievement that isn’t likely to lessen.  Also, you must be able to show that you will be an asset to the country, and you will need to have a person or organization in Australia act as your sponsor.  Additionally, as with most visas, you must have basic communication skills in English and not be a health or safety threat.

    Australian Talent Visa Citizenship Pathway

    If you move to Australia on an Australian distinguished talent visa for any of the reasons listed above, you could potentially qualify for citizenship.  However, it’s important to note that there are many different requirements that must be met before you’ll be handed an Australian passport.  This is a long-term process, so you should be sure to have a plan many years in advance.  Otherwise, you can risk having delays that will cause the whole process to take much longer than necessary.

    If you’re interested in this but not sure how to prepare for it, it’s a good idea to speak with an immigration expert.  They can help you by knowing in advance what you need, and this will result in a much smoother experience.

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    For all matters concerning Australian talent visa applications, contact The Migration Place today.