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Australian Working Holiday Visas

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  • Purpose of Australian Working Holiday Visas

    Australian Working Holiday Visas are designed to encourage cultural exchange by giving young people the opportunity to live and work in foreign countries, and many partnership agreements have been made between Australia and other countries to try to accomplish this.  These agreements enable citizens from partner countries to come and visit Australia, and they allow Australians to go to other countries.  Additionally, these programs help regional and seasonal employers by encouraging Australian working holiday visa holders to work for them. If you are between 18 and 31 years of age and have a passport from an eligible country the visa you most likely would want to apply for is the Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417)

    A working holiday is a great experience to have, but the application can be confusing, especially since it differs depending on the country.  The Migration Place can help you successfully apply for your trip and make sure you don’t have any unexpected problems, and we can make sure you’ll be able to arrive in time to meet your budget and timeline.

    Allowances of Australian Working Holiday Visas

    australian working holiday visasAlthough the Australian working holiday visa holders are granted slightly different benefits depending on the country, they all have a few of the same requirements.  They generally allow the holder to stay in the country for 12 months, work for a short time to help funding of travel, and study for a limited period of time.

    Partner Countries for an Australian Working Holiday

    The list of partner countries can change, but it consists of quite a few countries and regions in many different parts of the world.  Each country makes an individual arrangement with Australia, so this results in having different requirements and details for each one.  Generally, the embassy of the country can provide information on Australian working holiday visas, but our migration experts can often give you the necessary assistance much faster and more efficiently, so this can be useful when you are eager to get the process completed.

    Eligibility for Working Holiday Visas for Australians

    Even though each country can have different requirements, there are some that are the same for visits to all partner countries.  First, the applicant must have an Australian passport, and the validity usually must go at least six months past when you intend to leave.  Next, all applicants must meet health and character requirements, and they have to be between the ages of 18 and 30.  An Australian working holiday visa applicant is not allowed to bring any dependent children.  Additionally, the applicant will need either a return ticket or enough money to continue traveling out of the country, and they will need to prove that they have sufficient funds for the beginning of their stay.

    Eligibility for the USA

    The USA is quite a popular destination, but it is more challenging than most others.  One major complication unique to this country is that the applicant must also be sponsored by a registered sponsoring organization before they arrive.  Also, the applicant must be enrolled as a post-secondary student (they can be on deferred study status), or have graduated within 12 months from a post-secondary institution.  The Migration Place can provide assistance in locating and determining the status of potential sponsor organizations.

    Other Eligibility Requirements

    In addition to the USA, there are more countries that require specific eligibility requirements.  For example, certain countries require a level of knowledge of the local language (this is fairly common in Spanish speaking locations).  Also, some others require a letter of approval from the Australian government before being accepted, and some have more detailed health and security checks.  Before applying, it’s highly recommended that you speak with an immigration lawyer to make sure you’re eligible and meet all the requirements specific to your intended destination.

    Eligibility for Other Citizens Applying for Australian Holiday Visas

    There are also many general requirements for those who are applying for Australian working holiday visas.  There is a list of approved countries who have made agreements with Australia, and the applicant must have a passport from one of these.  Again, the passport usually must have a validity period extending six months beyond the intended stay.  The applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 30, and they are not permitted to bring any dependent children with them.  Next, they must meet standard health, character, and financial requirements before being accepted.

    Additionally, the applicants must not have already entered Australia with a Work and Holiday or Working Holiday visa (with a few exceptions).  They must apply from outside of Australia, and must submit the application within 12 months of intending to travel.

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