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The Department of Immigration is scrutinising Student Visa applications from India, Nepal and Vietnam, more closely than ever before! Successful visa grants to students from these countries has fallen by 13%, 16% and 18% respectively last year alone! To add fuel to the fire, a record 11,000 student visas were cancelled last financial year, a 30% increase on the year before! Why is the Department of Immigration refusing and cancelling so many Student Visas?

The Department of Immigration has stated that it has concerns that many Student Visa applications are not for genuine students. In response, the Department has resolved to have “stronger discipline” in applying the Genuine Temporary Entrant (‘GTE’) criteria to Student Visa applications. Failing the GTE test is one of the most common reasons for the refusal of a Student Visa, and can also be a reason to consider cancelling an existing visa.

Another reason students are failing the GTE test is reportedly the use of unqualified brokers who fail to address the visa criteria correctly. Our experienced immigration lawyers know how to correctly address the GTE and other Student Visa criteria.

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If you are one of the unlucky student visa holders who are refused, or have their visa cancelled, then contact us ASAP.

You can seek a  review, and we are experienced in helping students deal with cancellations and refusals.

We have successfully sought the review of a visa cancellation where a student has been unable to fulfill the 80% attendance criterion because of a cultural commitment back home, or because the student suffered psychological health issues following the passing of a loved one. We helped many Sri Lankan students seek the review of cancellations following the 2006 Tsunami disaster, and have well over a decade of experience in drafting and presenting applications for breaches to be waived where there are compelling and compassionate circumstances involved.

Always act quick – review deadlines can be as little as 7 days, and if you are in Australia for more than 28 days without a visa, then you can face a 3 year ban from applying for another visa.